Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Environmental Health
Temporary Food Events

There are numerous events in the community where food is offered for our consumption. The food vendors at these temporary events are also required to be permitted. There are specific requirements expected of the vendors to help ensure that the foods you eat will be safe.

♦ The cost of a temporary food permit is $20 a day if applied for at least 7 days before the event.

♦ If applied for less than 7 days before the event the cost is $30 a day.

♦ Same day permitting $40.

Temporary food permits are issued for 1-14 consecutive days only.


Other Food Service Information

Food Safety Manager Information

Temporary Food Vendor Information 

Food Establishment Permit Information


Food Illness Tracking Website

The Utah Department of Health has launched a new website to help people report food related illnesses. Individuals are encouraged to submit a secure, private, confidential report online to public health professionals if they think they get sick after something they ate. Quick reporting and action is extremely important in investigating food borne illnesses. 

Save this website in your favorites, on your phone, or in your head to quickly report a food related illness. igotsick.health.utah.gov.  

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