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Dwight Hill, BS, LEHS
Environmental Health
Food Handler Information

The Wasatch County Health Department promotes food safety in the various restaurants, snack bars, delis, taverns, convenience stores etc. Each food service establishment is required to be permitted by the Wasatch County Health Department annually. Each establishment is inspected periodically to evaluate their compliance with food safety rules and procedures.


Food Handler Permits and Training Information

If you work for a restaurant or other food service facility, you need a Food Handler Permit.  Food Handler Permits are valid for 3 years and are accepted anywhere in Utah.  To get a permit, please complete an approved training course.

Online Food Handler Training is available. After you have successfully completed an approved onliine course, the Wasatch County Health Department will issue a Food Handler Permit and send it to you in the mail. The following companies (listed alphabetically) are the only approved online Food Handler Training courses. Permits from other online training sites WILL NOT be accepted. 

123 Premier Food Safety (English)

Above Training/State Food Safety (English, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, and ASL)

Ace Food Handler (English)

Easy Food Handlers

eFoodhandlers (English and Spanish)

- MenuTrinfo

Safeway Certifications (English)

Tap Series Food Safety Training (English)

- Utah Food Certification

- Utah Restaurant Association/ServSafe

- Other websites pending. Check back often for additional online training sites.


Food Illness Tracking Website

The Utah Department of Health has launched a new website to help people report food related illnesses. Individuals are encouraged to submit a secure, private, confidential report online to public health professionals if they think they get sick after something they ate. Quick reporting and action is extremely important in investigating food borne illnesses. 

Save this website in your favorites, on your phone, or in your head to quickly report a food related illness.  

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