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Swimming Pools

Swimming pools and hot tubs are used for competition, recreation, exercise, and relaxation. We all expect these pools to be safe. The Wasatch County Health Department conducts periodic inspections on all public pool facilities. Water chemistry and water quality is checked routinely. All public pools need to be permitted by the Wasatch County Health Department. All public pools are required to have a Certified Pool Operator to maintain the facilities to the expected standards. The Certified Pool Operator must also be registered with the health department. (FORMS are on the left hand side of the page)

Plan review fee is $150.00


Keeping it Clean Minimize

Everyone wants a clean, safe, and fun swimming experience. There are things we all can do to make sure that happens. The following are things you can do and what we do at the health department to ensure pools are safe and clean to swim in. 


  • Take a cleansing shower with soap
  • Change diapers away from the pool 
  • Avoid getting water in your mouth 
  • Use the restroom often 


  • Routinely check and inspect each pool in the county
  • Sample water chemistry once a month 
  • Ensure proper pool operator training 
  • Educate public on swimming safety 
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