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Environmental Health
Onsite Wastewater Septic Systems

Wasatch County's Wastewater program is designed to help protect public health and environmental quality by ensuring the proper and effective disposal of onsite wastewater from structiures not directly connected to a public sanitary sewer system. Our goal is to provide property owners with information regarding the proper installation and maintenance of an onsite wastewater system. In addition, we conduct site assessments for all new proposed systems, permit all new and replacement systems, review septic designs and inspect all system installations to ensure public health is protected with as minimal impact on the environment as possible, and in compliance to all applicable regulations.




Alternative Onsite Wastewater Systems

Onsite Wastewater Permits

Percolation Test Information

State Certified Perc Testers and Designers

Locating your Septic Tank

Repair/Failure Septic System Permits

Septic Tank Pumpers

Ground Water Table Monitoring

Fee Schedule

R 317-4
Onsite Wastewater Systems
Use, permitting and maintenance of Alternative Onsite Wastewater Systems
Permitting, Use and Maintenance of Spas in Short Term Rentals
Ground Water requirements
Determination of Ground Water Table Elevation


         Homeowners Septic System Guide


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