Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Environmental Health
Alternative Onsite Septic Systems

The beauty and diversity of land in Wasatch County can present challenges to property owners who want to build so that they may enjoy our unique environment. However, many properties fail to meet current regulations for conventional onsite wastewater systems.

In 2006 the Wasatch County Board of Health approved the use of three categories of Alternatvie Onsite Wastewater systems; they are At-grade, Mound, and Packed; Bed Filter Media systems. These alternative systems allow for the installation of a wastewater disposal system where there are issues regarding separation to groundwater or bedrock, distances to water features, limited size of absorption field area, slow percolating soil, and some may be used with drip irrigation technology.

However, because of the specialized nature and increased technology of these systems additional costs and monitoring are involved to assure that these systems perform as designed. Some systems will require an annual permit, sampling, additional inspections during installation and during operation as well as a contract with an operation and maintenance provider; all of which increases the cost of these systems. Contact a State Certified Level III Onsite Wastewater provider to help determine which system will work best for you

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