Sunday, June 16, 2019
Percolation Tests

Wasatch County Health Department requires a percolation test for every new septic system and subdivision development that will not be serviced by a sanitary sewer system. The percolation test helps evaluate the soils ability to absorb the effluent and transport it away from the absorption system. However, it is important that the soil be able to retain the effluent long enough to allow treatment to occur. Therefore, an acceptable percolation test will be within the range of 4 to 60 minutes per inch for a conventional septic system and 1 to 120 minutes per inch for some alternative septic systems.

Percolation tests cannot be done if    1- There is more than a foot of snow
                                                                    2-The ground is frozen
All perc tests must be coordinated with the Health Department and a $75 fee paid.
The perc test is not valid until all paperwork is filed with the Health Department.

Percolation tests need to be done by State Certified Perc Testers. See the link below for the list.

A list of those certified to do soil evaluations and percolation testing typically working in Wasatch County.
A list of those certified to design, and maintain conventional wastewater systems typically working in Wasatch County.
A list of those certified to design and maintain alternative wastewater disposal systems typically working in Wasatch County
For a complete list of State Certified Testers click
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