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Breast milk contains everything your baby needs to grow into a strong and healthy toddler. Breast milk also has antibodies to keep your baby from getting sick - think of it as your baby's first immunization. No formula can ever duplicate nature's perfect baby food. Another great benefit of breastfeeding is that it protects mom and baby from diabetes and cancer as well as other diseases. Check out the information below to see how you can give your baby the best start that nature intended.   

 World Breastfeeding Week 2010

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Working Moms get Breastfeeding Support

Recently, as reported by Fox 13 News, the Utah Legislature discussed House Joint Resolution 4, which encourages employers to provide nursing moms a private place to breastfeed or pump.

The resolution sponsor Rep. Jennifer Seelig, D-Salt Lake City, wants employers to take into consideration the importance of breastfeeding by providing, when possible, a clean and private place for mothers to take care of their children.

Utah law currently allows breastfeeding in public, but adding this resolution will help employees and employers approach the sometimes sensitive topic as it relates to their individual situation. Seelig pointed out this resolution is not a mandate and cannot be enforced.

 The Wasatch County Health Department’s Women, Infants, and Children program is pleased to see such support for breastfeeding mothers by the Utah Legislature and by the business community. Because there is no better source of nutrition for a baby, the WIC program is always encouraging mothers to breastfeed their children when personal circumstance and health allow.

Mother friendly resolutions like House Joint Resolution 4 play a vital role in our society, and the Wasatch County Health Department wants to recognize Rep. Seelig and the other legislators who helped bring about this cause in their effort to improve public health.   

To read the article published by Fox 13 News click here.  To read the actual resolution language click here.

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