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Disease Case or Exposure

Report a Disease

Utah Law requires that certain diseases and conditions must be reported to Utah public health. Some diseases must be reported immediately while others must be reported within three (3) working days after identification. Refer to the list of reportable diseases for more details. The data from reports are used to monitor disease activity throughout the state; identify new or emerging diseases and outbreaks; control disease and outbreaks through public health interventions; and prevent the spread of disease through education. Call (435) 657-3232 or click on the button below to report a disease case.

Report Foodborne Illness

Think you got sick from something you ate? Let us know by answering a few questions about your symptoms, places you've visited, and what you ate. If you would rather speak with a health department representative, please call (435) 657-3232.

Rabies Risk Assessment

Rabies is a fatal but preventable viral disease that infects the nervous system. It can spread to people and pets if they are bitten or scratched by an infected animal. This assessment tool will ask you some questions to figure out your risk of exposure to rabies. Based on your responses and the determined level of risk, rabies control measures might be necessary. Please call (435) 657-3232 or click the button below to complete the assessment.


Environmental Complaints

Report an Environmental Complaint

Please call (435) 657-3264 to report an environmental complaint.


General Complaints

Report Fraud: Anonymous Tip Hotline

This hotline provides a convenient, anonymous method to report fraud and other unethical activities. It promotes awareness and serves as a deterrent. The hotline demonstrates Wasatch County's commitment to a higher degree of accountability to the public. It also allows for the prompt delivery of information, perhaps limiting potential losses. Reporters may remain anonymous.

Client Grievance

Clients of the Wasatch County Health Department (WCHD), have the right to file a grievance for any action or inaction of the Department and/or Department employees as outlined in Utah Code 26A-1-121 Section 2.