About the Health Department

The Wasatch County Health Department is one of 13 local health departments that work to promote and protect the health of Utah’s residents. The mission of the department is to promote and protect the health and well-being of individuals, families, and our community. Our vision is optimal community health through collaboration in a highly integrated community health system.

For a list of programs, staff, and contact information, please visit the Contact Us page.


Utah State Law (Title 26A-1-109-6) and Administrative Code (Rule R380-40) require local boards of health and health departments to report annually to governing bodies served within the health district. Click on the buttons below to review annual reports that have been presented yearly to governing bodies within Wasatch County.


The health department uses strategic planning to guide efforts in improving the health of the community. The department's strategic plan is based off of local data, best practices, and available resources. To view the plan, as well as some of the data sources used in its development, click on the buttons below:

Board of Health

The Wasatch County Board of Health sets public health policy for the health department and may adopt and enforce public health rules, regulations, and standards necessary to implement the public health policies. Standards and regulations adopted by the Board of Health supersede existing local standards, regulations, and ordinances.

The Board of Health is comprised of seven members from the community. Board members serve three-year terms with no financial compensation for their service.

  • Neal Burton (Chair)
  • Kendall Crittenden
  • Jay Eckersley
  • Michele Ludlow
  • Britt Manning
  • Barbara Rodriguez
  • Sara Simonsen (Vice-Chair)

The Wasatch County Board of Health typically meets on the fourth Thursday of every month at the Wasatch County Community Services Building. Meeting dates and agendas can be found on the Utah Public Notice Website . For questions about the agenda, please contact Brett Woodard at (435) 657-3255. Board of Health meetings are open to the public.

Click HERE for the meeting minutes archive.

For questions, please call:

Jonelle Fitzgerald

(435) 657-3260

Budget & Fee Schedule

The Wasatch County Health Department operates on a budget approved by the Wasatch County Board of Health and the Wasatch County Council. Each year, the health department proposes a budget to the board of health for approval. Once approved by the board, the budget is then submitted to the county council for adoption. In addition to the budget, the health department reviews and updates fees annually. Any changes to the fee schedule are proposed to and approved by the board of health at a public meeting.

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The Wasatch County Health Department adheres to HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. HIPAA is a federal law that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. 

Click the button below to download a copy of the health department's Notice of Privacy Practices:


GRAMA Requests

The Wasatch County Health Department adheres to GRAMA , the Government Records Access and Management Act. To request records, please call (435) 657-3307 and ask to speak to an administrator. Records requests and appeals received outside regular business hours will be reviewed the following business day.


Public Notices

Public hearings are held to allow members of the public to make their opinions known before a rule, law, or policy is made. All notices of these hearings are posted on the Utah Public Notice Website under the public body entitled "Wasatch County Board of Health."


Vital Records

Birth and death certificates can be requested by the person of record, an immediate family member, a legal guardian, or a designated legal representative. To get a copy of a certificate, please visit the health department or order online by clicking the button below:


Records for births, stillbirths, and deaths are available from 1905 to the present. Records for marriages and divorces are available from 1978 to 2010. Visit the county clerk's office where the marriage occurred for the years prior to 1978 or after 2010. Visit the district court where your divorce was finalized for the years prior to 1978 or after 2010 for copies of your divorce record.

Birth records are public after 100 years. Death records are public after 50 years. Marriage and divorce records are public after 75 years. You can search some of the public records at Utah State Archives .

For questions, please call:

Vital Records Clerk

(435) 657-3307